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July 23, 2017
In this fifth message of the “Acts-The First Church” series, we focus on the characteristics of the Church. Can we confidently say that we place appropriate emphasis on the same? Do we allow these characteristics to identify us as the Body of Christ to a lost world that needs to see Him?
Key Scripture Reference:
Acts 2:42-47

JULY 16, 2017
As Pastor Greg shares in the key point of this message, the Church does not exist to stray from the truth of God’s spoken Word. It does not grow when we put programs, entertainment, or any other thing in the place of the very power that has founded and multiplied the Church from it’s very roots… The Word of God. Which is meant to bring us to God through the person of Jesus Christ.
Key Scripture Reference:
Acts 2:14-41

JULY 9, 2017
This message is audio only.
Key Scripture Reference:
Acts 2:1-13

JULY 2, 2017
Thank you for joining us as we walk through Acts chapter one and the establishment of the Church. It is our hope and prayer that this series of messages will ignite a passion and devotion to our purpose.
Key Scripture Reference:
Acts 1