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October 8, 2017
God’s glory shines in the face of evil opposition when we are careful to speak truth and honor God. No matter who may rise against a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, he is never left to stand alone. God is always with him. In this particular case His presence is literally evident in the very face of Stephen!
Key Scripture Reference:
Acts 6:8-15

October 01, 2017
We can look at any number of things that requires structure. The Church is one of them. But, as Pastor Greg points out in today’s message, there is also a need for the ability to organically grow. Where we will experience growing pains and have the ability to mature through them. In today’s scripture reading, we see how the Apostles saw the need to address issues that they were confronted with and how they made the necessary adjustments in order to grow.
Key Scripture Reference:

September 24, 2017
Have you ever noticed that we tend to talk about the things that we are passionate about? Someone else’s efforts to diminish or stifle our passions are met with very little if any demise. Can you say the same when it comes to honoring Christ? Today we take some tangible application from the book of Acts, with the apostles example, on how we can live passionately for God.
Key Scripture Reference:
Acts 5:17-42

September 17, 2017
As we take an honest evaluation of ourselves, our lives, can we say that we are whole-heartedly devoted to Christ? Or are we convicted with being either a fence straddler or opposed to living for Jesus Christ? Where we find ourselves now is where we will be at best when opposition is increased. But it doesn’t have to remain that way! Let’s commit our whole being to Jesus Christ… for HE is worthy!
Key Scripture Reference:
Acts 5:17-42
Additional Scripture Referenced:Matthew 15:11-12, Acts 17:11